WARNING: You will see a lot of SELFIE in this post!!!

… but I can’t help it, I am a kids at heart and visiting Theme Parks brings back the little kid in me in an instant which is fun if you would ask me.

Our itinerary for our second day in Singpore is Universal Studios, we allotted one whole day for this.

Excited as we were, we bought our tickets online before we leave Manila, and I’ve read in some blog that there could be no available tickets on the day of your visit so its best to purchase tickets in advance. We got our ticket for S$74.00 per ticket for a 1-day pass.


As soon as we entered the park my eyes wander around and saw this popcorn store, so I have to take a selfie.


After we had a lot of selfie in Hollywood, we explored New York and I met some new friends and of course friends has to have a selfie together right?



After meeting new friends in New York, we now move on to Sci-Fi City, which for me is the most exciting part of the park solely because of the “Transformers, The Ride”. The ride is exciting, it feels like I’m in the real Transformer scene.



After a very exciting experience with Sci-Fi City, we are in for another exciting part of the park, the Ancient Egypt. They also have a ride here called “The Revenge of the Mummy” Its a roller coaster in the dark with mummies and fireballs and I think beetles to scare you.

DSC_0471-sideMoving on, we walk farther to the “Lost World” this is where the Water World is located where you can see death defying stunts, unfortunately they suspended the show the time we were there. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is also located in this part of the Park, we were not able to experience the ride because they suspended it as well, I heard because of the lightning, they suspended all outdoor rides, but Im not really sure.


Next, we move farther to “Far Far Away” where we join Shrek and Princess Fiona in a fairy tale adventure in “Shrek 4-D Adventure”


Finally, we reach the Madagascar, if you like to “move it.. move it..” I mean if you like the movie Madagascar, you will love it there.

After our trip to Universal Studios, we went to Chinatown to shop for “pasalubong” and that ends my two day trip to Singapore. We will be flying to Malaysia early the next morning.