Continuing my backpacking trip to Thailand, I chose to stay in Silom because:
  •  CONVENIENCE, I like how Silom is easily connected to the rest of the City by train.
  • SHOPPING, you can get anything from souvenirs to apparel and accessories, though most are knock-offs and to something that is for adults only at Night Market.



  •  CHOICE OF ACCOMMODATION, ranges from budget to pricey hotels.
  • FOOD, you can easily find your favorite Thai foods everywhere at a pocket friendly price.


  • NIGHT LIFE, bars here are not as expensive compared to classy bars on Sukhumvit.


  • THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT  not really one of the reason why I chose to stay in Silom. Lol. But to give you an idea, starting from Patpong all the way to Surawong, the night is as fun and crazy as The Hangover  Part II. The area may not be wholesome but it gives you a chance to get more acquainted with the city. Besides, I think its pet friendly because I saw signs that says “Super Pussy” and there are shows called “Ping Pong Show” so sports enthusiast would love it here. Lol. Just kidding.