Our tour guide give us a warning that, those with heart problems and those who suffered from claustrophobia should not go inside the Cu Chi Tunnels. I know that I don’t have any heart problems, unless a broken heart counts. Lol.

..and I didn’t know I have claustrophobia until I get in the tunnel. The tunnel are extremely narrow and dark. You have to crawl and there is only a space to go on a single file, so you can not turn back should you change your mind. I scurried along in the darkness, wondering where the exit was and how long will I be inside the tunnel. I could hear other tourists breathing heavily which makes the situation a lot more scary for me. The minutes I was down there seems like forever until I finally saw the exit, I stumbled out panting and sweating.

So, if you think you don not have a heart problems or does not suffer from claustrophobia book a trip to Cu Chi Tunnel. Tour operators is everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City. I paid 125,000.00 Dong for the tour and 90,000.00 for entrance fee. One last warning: YOU SHOULD BE OPEN MINDED LISTENING TO A STRONG ANTI-AMERICAN SENTIMENT. I don’t think your tour guide will warn you about this.

On the way to Cu Chi Tunnel, we stopped at a a gallery where local people make various handicrafts and souvenirs.


Our tour guide played a video about the war or should I say their point of view about the war while we are on board to the Cu Chi Tunnel.

When we arrived we went inside one of the huts to learn more about the war and Cu Chi Tunnel. Afterwards, we go into the woods for a tour.


First thing the tour guide showed us is the little trap doors, which was used by the Vietnamese during the war. Each person in our group then took turns jumping into the holes for a picture.



Next thing the tour guide proudly showed us various traps that the Vietnamese deployed during the war. An exhibits of holes in the grounds with spikes arranged in different patterns, sizes and depth. I winced just by looking at them and the rattling sound of gunfire from somewhere within the forest adds more chills to my bones.
Finally, the tour guide brings us to where the rattling sound of gunfire is coming from. For a few dollars, you may fire an AK-47 or any weapon from the menu.