Songkran, also known as the Thai New Year’s Festival which is more popularly know as the water festival was held every 13th of April every year all over Thailand. I’ve experienced the festival last April 2017 in Bangkok and I must say, it was everything I expected it to be. It was CRAZY, it was WET, it was WILD and definitely FUN.

Imagine tens of thousand

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Before the holidays, I purchased an AIR ASIA ASEAN PASS. At first, I thought it was a very good deal considering I only paid Php 7,200.00 plus the travel tax for a 10 Credits Travel Pass which I can use to explore 70 Destinations across ASEAN, until I started to make my first booking, THE FLIGHTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE!!! Lol
But of course, giving up is

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Beach & Booze

My recent trip to Phuket is one of those trips that doesn’t give me inspiration to blog about. I mean, what can you write about a trip when you did nothing but go to the beach, get drunk and then go out at night and get drunk right? #sunogbaga Lol. That is my itinerary, it’s not really good for your health. On the bright side,

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Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

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Pattaya, Thailand

They say SAND, SUN, SEA and some SEX plus the fact that its only around two hours away from Bangkok makes Pattaya a popular beach destination in Thailand. I need to experience it myself (NOT THE SEX) so I packed my bag for a trip to this city.

Deck chairs and umbrellas lined up the beach of Pattaya, you can just sit around and relax while

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Bangkok is one of the city that I will never get tired of visiting. I just love how vibrant the city is. I also like the culture, the temples and let us not forget the food. So, hop on my “Tuk-tuk” and let me tour you around Bangkok through this visual diary.

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A “Temple Run” in Ancient Ayutthaya

Minus the Freaky Apes chasing after me of course and the game is over for me after visiting two temples. Lol. Excuse me but the heat and humidity that day was unforgivably bad that I asked my “Tuk-tuk” driver to bring me back to the train station to Bangkok instead of continuing on with the Temple tours.
I arrived in Ayutthaya past noon from Bangkok via

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The Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Regarded as one of the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok, Wat Pho (The Temple of Reclining Buddha) or Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimonmangkhalaram is a home to a 46 meters long and 15 meters high Reclining Buddha. Lying on his side head held up by his right hand, this gold-plated statue depicts Buddha’s passing into Nirvana.
The intricate details, such as the eyes, the carvings on

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Continuing my backpacking trip to Thailand, I chose to stay in Silom because:

 CONVENIENCE, I like how Silom is easily connected to the rest of the City by train.
SHOPPING, you can get anything from souvenirs to apparel and accessories, though most are knock-offs and to something that is for adults only at Night Market.

 CHOICE OF ACCOMMODATION, ranges from budget to pricey hotels.
FOOD, you can easily find

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Vietnam & Thailand Backpacking Adventure on Instagram

Last December, I go on a solo backpacking trip to Vietnam and Thailand. Initially, my plan is to start the trip in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam fly to Bangkok and then travel overland to Cambodia. The plan failed because I’ve spent most of my “Cambodia Travel Fund” getting drunk in Silom Area almost every night. Lol.
Anyway, let me show you my very first backpacking

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