Hong Kong TramOramic Tour

Taking a step back in time and exploring Hongkong  aboard one of the city’s historic trams is a must have for every travelers in Hong kong. Affectionately known to local as “Ding-Ding”, Hong Kong Tramways have been rumbling along the northern side of Hong Kong since 1904.
Hong Kong trams provides an  inexpensive panoramic or should I say “TramOramic” view of Hong Kong.


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Black is Back

I never consider myself to be somebody who is fashionable and stylish. My style usually includes my office uniforms. Lol. And if I’m not at work, I never really care about what I put on my back and just wear anything clean. I’ve never worn any accessories except WATCH to tell me the time, BELT to hold my pants and CAPS to hide bad hair. And,

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