I never consider myself to be somebody who is fashionable and stylish. My style usually includes my office uniforms. Lol. And if I’m not at work, I never really care about what I put on my back and just wear anything clean. I’ve never worn any accessories except WATCH to tell me the time, BELT to hold my pants and CAPS to hide bad hair. And, I always had this thought that fashion is expensive, maybe true, but not always, and it doesn’t have to be. ( unless, of course you have the money to splurge).
So, why blog about fashion and style? Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of Fashion and Style Blogs and they inspire me to start dressing up a little bit more than anything that is clean, thanks to them. And you know what? it’s fun and it’s nice to know that people around you approves and appreciate what you’re wearing.
This part of the blog will chronicle my personal style.So, here is my very first outfit post or should I say, “OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)”.

I am wearing a Black Jeans, T-shirt and Converse, simple but what I like about this T-shirt is that, it has a little bit of fashion going on in its shoulder. Lol. I also added accessories besides my watch to add a little fun to this outfit. So, tell me what you think.


 Black Studded T-shirt, Folded & Hung | Pants, Jag | Shoes, Converse | Watch, Fossil | Accessories, SM Accessories